[nycphp-talk] Java provides???

Ajai Khattri ajai at
Thu Aug 13 00:20:38 EDT 2009

On Wed, 12 Aug 2009, David Krings wrote:

> Sure, you can use some cryptic editor

Cryptic to *you* perhaps...

> and it really gets your hands dirty, but 
> you are also less efficient.

Speak for yourself. With the right options and plugins, a good text editor 
is great  - muscle memory means I dont to think about the act of editing 
but just focus on the code. And again, for *me* constantly 
switching between mouse and keyboard is totally inefficient.

> Maybe the assembler developers who write firmware are fine with a simple 
> editor that has some really basic functions

Actually I coded assembler languages when I was a kid too, and most good 
assembly language systems are more than just simple text editors...


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