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It seems to me that in the post you refer to below, the "designers" are 
confused about what a "developer" is.  A "developer" does not translate 
a PDF or comp or whatever they are calling it these days into an HTML 
page...that is a job for the production people in the Production 

By the time this thing gets anywhere near a developer, it should 
already be laid out in HTML adequate to the designer's perspective, 
i.e. be a dead UI that needs to be brought to life by the magic of 
code.  OK most of the time the form code is rather sparse and needs to 
be enhanced, but that's fine.

I'd avoid like the plague any "designers" who think developers have 
time to waste doing Production layouts....what's next, I don't suppose 
they'd also like us to pick up their drycleaning? :)


> Hello all,
> I discovered a great resource a few months back: 
> One post in particular, , got me 
> thinking about workign with designers.  Since we have no design staff 
> our shop per se (the technical office of an academic library), my PHP 
> sidekick and I put together whatever designy elements we need for our 
> After reading this article, I'm left wondering: what are the basics 
> working with designers?  I wasn't even familiar with the term "comp" 
> that's being used in the post and comments.  Where can one learn the 
> fundamental assumed communication patterns, role & workflow 
> expectations, etc. that go along with this relationship?  What is a 
> developer meant to do after being handed a PSD?
> Many TIA!
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