[nycphp-talk] Working with designers

Ajai Khattri ajai at
Thu Aug 20 11:29:38 EDT 2009

On Thu, 20 Aug 2009, Brian O'Connor wrote:

> I think I misled you.  The "company" is only 3 people.  Me, the other
> developer, and the designer.
> The designer has absolutely no programming experience.  He's an art major
> from college.  It would be much quicker and more efficient for us to take
> the day to translate his work in to html than it would be for him to gain
> the 6+ years that me and the other developer have in HTML/CSS/Javascript.
> My point was - it depends on your situation.  Our situation doesn't allow
> our designer to do it for us, so we do it.  It's not a huge deal, it's about
> finding what works best between the people you have.

We have a team of developers here and we just launched a beta of a site 
re-design. We are just too busy dealing with site fixes and updates. 
Production is something which we feel belongs firmly in the designer's 
domain (HTML is not programming no matter what designer's say - they 
should know how to make their design work in HTML. In fact, a knowledge of 
HTML should inform their design process - the example of the login form 
is a good example of what happens when they don't understand that).


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