[nycphp-talk] Advice on OOP & Frameworks

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Tue Aug 25 11:45:00 EDT 2009

I hope responding to everyone in one email won't be considered rude, but
 it seemed to be easier than making everyone open half a dozen emails.

Ajai - Thanks for the great info on frameworks (esp. the OOP part) and
for the advice on what to look for.

Guilherme - CRUD, ORM, MVC... so many terms & concepts I need to learn!
Thanks for the specific info on Symfony & Zend and which situations
they're best for.

Paul - Excellent advice and article. I've bookmarked you site and some
of the other articles you linked to. Thanks!

Mitch - Thanks for the heads-up on Silverstripe, but even more so for
the definitions of glue & stack frameworks--that was a HUGE help.

Yitzchak - Thanks for adding your experiences. I think Ajai was
right--getting a basic understanding of OOP will probably help me figure
out what will work best for both me & my future projects.

Rob - I ran across mention of Kohana when googling for info on
CodeIgniter, and both sound like things that might work well for me.
Thanks for sharing what you found in your search for a framework--it's
really helpful to hear other people's experiences.

Well, it looks like I've got some new homework to do. Thanks again to
all of you for your patient advice. You're the best!



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