[nycphp-talk] Advice on setting for testing server

Joelle Tegwen tegwe002 at
Tue Aug 25 15:21:14 EDT 2009

> And I bet you can script even more of the process.  For example, you were 
> saying you manually edit your config files.  There are two ways to 
> automate config file modifications.
> 1) Have a copy of the config file in your version control system 
> (subversion, cvs, git, etc) that your installation script exports and 
> copies into place.
> 2) Have a unified diff (diff -u php.ini-production php.ini > ini.diff) of 
> your configuration file in your version control system that your shell 
> script exports then calls:
> patch -i ./ini.diff $php_path/php.ini-development -o $php_path/php.ini

Ah! I couldn't figure that part out. Excellent idea. Thanks!

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