[nycphp-talk] Advice on setting for testing server

Ajai Khattri ajai at
Wed Aug 26 00:29:47 EDT 2009

On Tue, 25 Aug 2009, lists at wrote:

> Chris Snyder wrote:
> > It's a good idea to set up a wiki for your personal use as a sysadmin,
> > to store recipes like this, and make them easy to update with each new
> > install. The only thing worse than spending hours getting a
> > configuration exactly right is realizing two years later that you
> > didn't paste-and-save it anywhere.
> I've been meaning to do that for the longest time for browser bugs &
> such. As a matter of fact, I even set up a a couple of wikis at one
> point and then abandoned them because I didn't care for the way they
> worked.
> I guess now would be the optimal time to start over as I'll likely be
> tripping myself up quite a bit during the learning process.
> Do you have any recommendations on a good one to use?

Of course server scripts and configs should also be in a version control 
system. I use (I think its $8/month for unlimited 
projects up to a couple Gb). You can set up a repo for each project but 
more importantly you can also click and create a Trac instance for each 
project. Trac of course has a wiki, source browsr and ticket system. Even 
though for some projects Im the only user, its great to click and document 
stuff as you go using the wiki, or even open tickets to yourself to remind 
you to fix something.

Ive thought about switching to Git but I haven't found something similar 
that is better value for money ($8/month buys me peace of mind :-).


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