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Wed Aug 26 15:26:09 EDT 2009

Daniel Convissor wrote:
> Bev, you've said may insightful things in an elegant way.  Who ARE you?  

Thanks for the compliment, Daniel. I introduced myself and gave some of
my background back when I first joined the list.

> You're interacting in a public forum, it's kind of tacky to pretty much 
> hide your identity.  Yeah, spam sucks.  Alas.

*blinks* Huh? The domain is registered to me (albeit
privately), and the email address I use for this forum it a real one.
Anyone who wants to contact me directly is more than welcome to do so
any time.

Bev is my given name, although I do have a Muslim name that I usually go
by (I converted 18 years ago). I haven't provided my last name, phone
number, or the name of the company I work for, but that's because this
list is indexed by search engines and I don't want that info floating
around out there.

What else? I don't go to the monthly meetings because the NJT train
station by my apartment is a local stop and the trains tend to run few &
far between, making it impractical for me to attend in terms of the
travel time required. I'll be attending the CodeWorks conference in
October and am hoping that I'll get a chance to meet some of you there.
Does that help a little?


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