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Thu Aug 27 10:43:26 EDT 2009

At 3:05 PM -0400 8/26/09, lists at wrote:
>That is IF they even have enough sense to ask. Most times it's more like
>a demand: "I need to do X, Y and Z by the end of the month, but I have
>neither the time nor the desire to learn anything technical. Tell me how
>to accomplish this ASAP!" Umm...sorry, my magic wand is in the repair
>shop, so I'm afraid I can't help you.


I know what you mean. For me, clients basically fall into two groups: 
a) Those who tell me what they want; b) And those who tell me how to 
do what they want. I work well with (a), but have problems with (b).

When it comes to teaching (I do teach at college level), there are 
very few students/clients who fully realize all that's involved in 
developing a web site. Many think, as I've been told "It's easy -- my 
son learned HTML in high school" while they are totally clueless. The 
most problematic students/clients are the ones who have some 
experience with HTML and think that's all there is.

Here's a couple of links that I often tell clients to review:

Furthermore, the number of actual web developers out there who do 
know how to program in all the web languages (i.e., namely html, css, 
javascript, php, mysql, et al) to create a truly functional web site, 
are very few.

And lastly, none of this is static. I spend time every day learning 
something new -- the web is constantly changing and keeping up with 
it is a daily challenge. I was quoted a long time ago as saying:

"I've learned something new every day of my life -- and I'm getting 
damned tried of it."

And that hasn't changed much.



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