[nycphp-talk] Working with designers

Ajai Khattri ajai at
Sun Aug 30 00:46:18 EDT 2009

On Wed, 26 Aug 2009, lists at wrote:

> I suppose that's partly because designers' creativity is by nature
> visually oriented, whereas programming requires more of a... I'm not
> sure what to call it... maybe creativity of logic?

It requires mental visualization of abstract concepts and models, i.e. 
exactly the opposite of a visually-oriented process.

> It's too bad that there's often so much misunderstanding and friction
> between the two--it's sort of like beauty of form vs. beauty of
> function. IMO, the best applications embody both by being so elegantly
> designed (both visually & functionally) that they are nearly
> invisible--i.e. they allow the end user to perform tasks without having
> to spend a bunch of time trying to figure out how things work.

Remember "Hackers & Painters"? More similar than different...


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