[nycphp-talk] State Of The PHP Economy 2009

Kenneth Downs ken at
Wed Jan 14 08:02:59 EST 2009

Brian Dailey wrote:
> How has the economic apocalypse left the PHP world?

I'm not sure about PHP in particular, but in general we can expect IT 
departments to be trying to do more with less.  Same story as usual but 
with a serious edge to it now.

This has created opportunities for me and my company.  Since our core 
product reduces staff requirements, we are getting interest that was 
harder to get before.  In good times it is harder to break in as a 
newcomer and start-up, or so we found.  In bad times people are much 
more willing to spend some time examining alternatives.  Oddly enough, 
we are seeing people become less risk-adverse in the hopes of finding 
new ways to do things.

I'm seeing the entire thing as a huge opportunity.

> So far I've heard some rumors of job layoffs, but most of them have 
> been relegated to the financial sector. Every freelancer/consultant I 
> know of that has been in business for more than a year is doing great, 
> but recent starters are having a harder time of it.
> Venture capital money is starting to tighten up (but not as much as I 
> thought it would), which more or less affects the PHP world since PHP 
> tends to see more use in startups.
> What are you guys hearing out there? What's the job market like in NYC?
> - Brian Dailey

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