[nycphp-talk] State Of The PHP Economy 2009

Jerry B. Altzman jbaltz at
Wed Jan 14 10:38:45 EST 2009

on 1/13/2009 5:42 PM Brian Dailey said the following:
> How has the economic apocalypse left the PHP world?
> So far I've heard some rumors of job layoffs, but most of them have been 
> relegated to the financial sector. Every freelancer/consultant I know of 
> that has been in business for more than a year is doing great, but 
> recent starters are having a harder time of it.

Strangely, and thankfully, business "on the outskirts" is still pretty 

> Venture capital money is starting to tighten up (but not as much as I 
> thought it would), which more or less affects the PHP world since PHP 
> tends to see more use in startups.

Not as strange as you'd think: now is the time that venture money is 
chasing after "something new", since everything "old" is tanking mightily.

> What are you guys hearing out there? What's the job market like in NYC?

I don't want to cast any evil eyes, so I'll just say that NYC has not 
sunk into the Atlantic Ocean, rumors to the contrary notwithstanding.

> - Brian Dailey

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