[nycphp-talk] Being notified when something changes in the database

tedd tedd.sperling at
Sat Aug 21 10:15:44 EDT 2010

At 4:21 PM -0500 8/20/10, Anthony Papillion wrote:
>So I'm developing an application that will work within a larger 
>supply chain system. There is a table in the database called 'Items' 
>which holds a list of all items and how many of those items are in 
>stock at a particular location.  Fairly regularly, another system 
>will change that table (for example, when a new shipment of items 
>come in) and I need to notified of that change and fire a script to 
>process those changes.
>How can this be done effectively and reliably?  Is there a 
>'standard' way of doing it?
>Anthony Papillion


Not to discount anyone's solution, but I had a similar problem that I 
solved by simply emailing what happened. As someone updated the 
database, the script that changed the database also sent an email to 
me at the same time telling what happened.




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