[nycphp-talk] PHP IDE, Hudson, Netbeans

Gary Mort garyamort at
Mon Feb 8 11:07:35 EST 2010

Well...after a foray of reviewing IDE's....  I come to the conclusion that I
STILL loathe Eclipse with a passion.

IntelliJDEA looks fascinating but I'm not willing to be on the bleading edge
of their beta work.

Kiomodo IDE still looks cool and works best for my mindset, but lacks the
integration I seek for other items and has a weird issue on updating the
path when opening remote files.

UltraEdit's product is still windows only[though they have a linux editor]
so it is out of the running.

Netbeans is looking more and more interesting.  Integrating it with their
other product, Kenai makes for some cool project management functionality.
 It also integrates to Hudson so I can give a continuous build system a

Now there is just one thing I would like to do, I'd like to be able to
maintain a list of files somewhere[for example, in a bug issue ticket] and
have some way of automatically opening all those files at once.

So, 2 questions:
1) Anyone else using netbeans and if so, what do you think?  Especially if
your also using hudson and integrating the whole thing.

2) Anyone using netbeans that knows a simple way to open multiple files at
once if I've but all the filenames in a text field that I can cut and paste

-- Gary
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