[nycphp-talk] define variables versus assigned variables

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Sun Jan 3 00:02:34 EST 2010

Hello ,

        Happy New Year to all,

  I have two statements to make a database connection. One of them
  using define statement variables to parse the information to the
  function to connect to the database, i.e.

  open_connect(db_user, db_pass, db_name, db_host = 'localhost', $show_error=1)

  The second example uses assigned variables, for example,

  open_connect($db_user, $db_pass, $db_name, $db_host = 'localhost', $show_error=1)

  Seems to me that both of these techniques do the same thing so I was
  wondering why one would be any advantage over the other, though I
  just read that the define variables take twice as long to process
  under some conditions. Can some one explain which technique is the
  preferred method or whether or not any compelling reason exist for
  using one over the other?

  Thanks in advanced for any comments.

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