[nycphp-talk] email system for website

Matt Juszczak matt at
Mon Jan 4 10:37:09 EST 2010

> store everything in a db. don't be too fussy about the design. you're just crunching emails.

That's the thing.  I do want to store everything in the DB!  Since we have 
so many front ends, I'd much rather control all the emailing with triggers 
and stored procedures (and a background running process) than inside the 

Would it really be so bad to do the following for say, a forgot password 

- Someone hits "Forgot password" on the site
- Our front ends calls a stored procedure inside the DB that generates a 
hash, adds a pending email to a "emails" table
- The background running process picks up the pending email, generates an 
email with the appropriate information, and sends it.

Is that really a bad idea?  It simplifies things on the front end.  And 
the queue isn't storing email content, it would more be storing things 
like this:

type: forgotpassword
to: user_id
status: 0

When the email is generated, status changes to 1, or something similar.


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