[nycphp-talk] email system for website

Rolan Yang rolan at
Mon Jan 4 11:08:05 EST 2010

Matt Juszczak wrote:
>> store everything in a db. don't be too fussy about the design. you're 
>> just crunching emails.
> That's the thing.  I do want to store everything in the DB!  Since we 
> have so many front ends, I'd much rather control all the emailing with 
> triggers and stored procedures (and a background running process) than 
> inside the application.

Overall the DB method is a better design if you are anticipating any 
significant traffic.

Some additional benefits off the top of my head:

- If not using the db and the mailer daemon malfunctions on your web 
server, the http response could slow down while waiting for the mail() 
function to time out.
- you could offload the mail functions to a separate or multiple machines
- easier to query/generate reports to recognize the spam bot/requests.


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