[nycphp-talk] Suspending virtual machines with Samba shares

Yitzchak Schaffer yitzchak.schaffer at
Mon Jan 11 12:32:54 EST 2010

Hello all,

For my dev environment, I have a Linux VM (VMware Server 2) running on a 
Win7 host laptop.  I have a Samba share set up so's I can use my 
Win7-based editing tools.

When I go from work to home, I hibernate the laptop, after I suspend the 
VM.  Occasionally (read, almost every time) I forget to close some file 
in some app somewhere, and when I hit suspend, the app goes catatonic 
for an inordinately long time (at least it feels that way when I'm 
trying to pack out, perhaps 30 seconds).

Has anyone discovered a way to break an app out of Samba shock, or avoid 
having it happen in the first place, without killing processes?

Many thanks,

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