[nycphp-talk] IIS a dysfunctional kludge?

Daniel Convissor danielc at
Mon Jan 18 12:06:02 EST 2010


On Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 10:50:12AM -0500, Chris Snyder wrote:
> One thing I haven't seen on this thread: for those of you who develop
> on Linux and deploy on Windows (or vice versa, more likely) how do you
> deal with the differences in file names, line endings, and $_SERVER
> vars?

I develop on Windows and deploy on *nix.

PHP is happy to use "/" on Windows for directories.  Use PATH_SEPARATOR 
for include_path settings.

Use Unix line endings for everything.

It's rare to need a $_SERVER value that isn't the same on all platforms.  
Let alone, Apache runs on Windows, so that's what I run in my dev 


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