[nycphp-talk] To dBa or not to dBa,..

Anthony Wlodarski ant92083 at
Tue Jan 19 10:14:06 EST 2010

If management allows the developers to run the show up until the point of
when it really counts I think there is an issue with the management here and
not the DBAs or Developers.  Any organization will try and meld the two
positions together when it benefits them.  Once something does break though
then it becomes and ugly game of finger pointing and that what leads to
either someone leaving the organization or being let go.

I would have to agree with Leam, if you are in a heavy development cycle
there should be a full time DBA that is the gatekeeper to the database.  If
not I would look elsewhere as well.

Anthony W.
ant92083 at
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