[nycphp-talk] Color Scheme picker

Gary Mort garyamort at
Tue Jan 19 17:39:20 EST 2010

Yeah, that gives the HTML color codes, but no usage for them.

The problem is I'm a great fiddler/incremental changer.  I hate making 20
decisions though, I'd rather make 40 adjustments to 20 changes on a blank
sheet of paper.

So I have 6 colors and 12 shades I want to use.  Now I want a program which
takes them all and generates either a dark or light sample page for me, and
then allows me to export the css definitions for that.

So on that page, when you click on the example, it pops up a lightbox
example of what a page might look like with those colors assigned based on
some algorythm,.  It is that example page I want the definitions for[or some
app which will automatically assign things for me and then let me modify]

On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 5:03 PM, Yogesh Agashe <yogesh.agashe at>wrote:

> Hello Gary,
> The Export tab on top menu has HTML+CSS option. Click on that and see view
> source on newly opened page.
> Hope this helps.
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