[nycphp-talk] Color Scheme picker

tedd tedd.sperling at
Wed Jan 20 09:28:46 EST 2010

At 5:39 PM -0500 1/19/10, Gary Mort wrote:
>Yeah, that gives the HTML color codes, but no usage for them.
>The problem is I'm a great fiddler/incremental changer.  I hate 
>making 20 decisions though, I'd rather make 40 adjustments to 20 
>changes on a blank sheet of paper.
>So I have 6 colors and 12 shades I want to use.  Now I want a 
>program which takes them all and generates either a dark or light 
>sample page for me, and then allows me to export the css definitions 
>for that.
>So on that page, when you click on the example, it pops up a 
>lightbox example of what a page might look like with those colors 
>assigned based on some algorythm,.  It is that example page I want 
>the definitions for[or some app which will automatically assign 
>things for me and then let me modify]


I work with colors all the time and use several tools.

For general colors:

If I need to find complimentary colors to match a picture, I use this:

To address accessibility concerns, I use:

To find palettes:

For background colors and color ideas:

And finally, I don't know what system you're using, but I use Art 
Director's Tool Kit application, namely;

It's a great tool for picking up colors off the web (eyedropper).




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