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Gary Mort garyamort at
Thu Jan 21 06:31:19 EST 2010

First off, thanks to everyone for the image colorscheme recomendations.
None of them provide precisely what I'm looking for, but there was a lot of
interesting tools I hadn't looked at before, and I think with my wife's help
I'm getting closer to understanding theming.

Second off, I thought I'd throw out a couple oddball tools of my own I've
started using.

The first, and most important, is Evernote:

Now, I've seen a lot of tools like this one's bookmarklet before, where you
can hit the bookmarklet and your data goes up and is stored on the server
along with the url.  So, nothing new here[very basic fieldset: notebook to
put it in, some text on the note, some tags, a title, and an option to take
a snapshot of the page).

But what I like about evernote is that it has an actual CLIENT for offline
use.  They have a client for the Mac, for Windows, and for my G1 Android
phone.  And they have a powerful API so the few things I want it to do but
can't, I can probably code myself!

So all my notes are not only organized on the web, they get synced to my
laptop, my wifes laptop[a mac and a pc] and my phone.

Now, give it a few months and I'll see if IO'm really organizing things or
just stuffing them all in the evernote closet.

The second tool I'm not as gung ho on at the moment, mainly because they
promised an API over a year ago and have yet to deliver.  That one is Reqall

It's a task scheduling/calendar app with a decent set of bells and
whistles.  Integrates to your Google Calendar....can search through your
evernote trove of files and show you documents related to keywords in your
task...can send you reminders by instant message, sms, email, etc.  You can
add/change/interrogate it by instant message.  You can call in a
note/reminder and it will transcribe it into text.  All in all....pretty
good.  I think if they had the same app they have for the IPhone for the G1
I'd be hooked[a GPS aware scheduler, so when your at the grocery store
getting milk, it can remind you to pick up your RX from the pharmacy in the
same plaza]

And for the guy looking for something to do with his for
ideas, combine evernote with reqall and add a few extra features and I think
that could be a killer app. :-)
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