[nycphp-talk] Inspiration for projects.

Justin Dearing zippy1981 at
Thu Jan 21 12:04:57 EST 2010

> There's a solution for that, you can do like the rest of us have, namely
> get so far in debt that you can't sit around doing nothing, but instead are
> forced to work.
> I find that clients bring more than just inspiration for my work.  :-)

I think we all realize that clients pay for projects. For some people, that
is inspiration enough. For others, it is not. Maybe their clients don't have
projects they find interesting. Maybe they are looking for a diversion.

To put it anther way, we work for others to enable us to do what we want to
do. If some programmer really wants to do something that no one wants to pay
him, whats the harm.

If I was independently wealthy I'd read more and I'd travel more, but I
probably would still program. There probably would be a period of "ok what
do I program" after I finished whatever hobby projects I had at the time.
However, I'd soon find myself programming again.


Justin Dearing
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