[nycphp-talk] Inspiration for projects.

Paul A Houle paul at
Thu Jan 21 13:43:40 EST 2010

Gary Mort wrote:
> Here are my backburner ideas:
> A jobs seeker's database to store leads[think organizing all those 
> craigslist, monster, etc job postings], track followups and rate 
> quotes, and also rate jobs search companies[there are some recruiters 
> that never follow up with you.....others that work in the same company 
> but don't communicate so you get 3 or 4 contacts from the same company 
> when the jobs are under your rate, and others who follow up initially 
> and then don't let you know your over/under qualified, your rate is 
> too high, or whatnot...basically leave you hanging].
    I want a "CRM" system that's fundamentally organized around social 
media and the web.  I think a modern job search is centered pretty much 
around online job listings,   LinkedIn,  people you meet on twitter,  or 
who send you an email;  that's true if you're looking for an FT gig or 
if you're looking for contract work.  And I suspect that that's true for 
more and more of the hustling that other kinds of salespeople are doing too.

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