[mambo] Re: Comparison Help Needed

Mitch Pirtle mitch.pirtle at
Thu Apr 28 19:34:06 EDT 2005

On 4/28/05, Edward J. Weinberg <nylug at> wrote:
> I have been wondering why.
> The were the only out of the box CMS at those LinuxWorlds.

The Zope Corporation was in Boston with us, so there were two FOSS CMS
there. Also I know there were some commercial ones, but I don't pay
much attention to them anymore for some reason ;-)

> I have tried a few cms projects, and prefer Drupal and Geeklaw.

Don't forget Plone. Thanks to their environment, they can do stuff
that the rest of us still cannot. But the gap is closing fast ;-)

> The biggest things that bothers me about Mambo are the browser
> compatibility issues.
> These issues include lockup of the admin pages when using Mozilla or
> Firefox, and compatibility of their editor with Opera and the Mac
> browsers.
> Since I am in Linux most of the time, I need a CMS that works with
> Mozilla.

I am an exclusive Firefox user, on both Windows and Linux, and we also
have developers that work on the Mac platform dedicated. I'd love to
hear your exact problems, in a way that I know I can reproduce them,
as I guarantee that they will get fixed by the next release.

Really, honestly, if you can prove there is a compatibility issue, and
give us instructions on how to reproduce, we will fix it.

Mitch Pirtle
Mambo Core Developer

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