[joomla] is there a better way to accomplish this?

Rolan Yang rolan at
Thu Aug 2 14:53:17 EDT 2007

Gary Mort wrote:
> Rolan Yang wrote:
>> I thought this was kind of a dirty way to accomplish the task. Can 
>> anyone offer a better suggestion?
> I'm not too familiar with it, but on a per content basis, you can go 
> to Parameters and set a CSS suffix to be used for the page when the 
> content item is displayed.
> So if you set that suffix on a content item, you should be able to 
> compare the source of content with and without it and locate the class 
> that is set for the content item itself and style that with your 
> rounded corners.
> _

The difficulty is in the fact that the rounded corners can not be 
created purely in a css class, it requires insertion of some html 
objects (assigned the css classes) before and after the content to 
create the top and bottom of the rounder corner effect.

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