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Mon Aug 13 09:06:15 EDT 2007

Thanks for all the info. I filled out your survey about presentations. I use
a template club, just because I don't know how to write a template. I've
learned enough to make some adjustments to templates. It's true that there
end up being sites that look very similar.

Anyway, I'll see you on the 23rd, then.


On 8/13/07, bz-gmort at <bz-gmort at> wrote:
> Dan wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I fell in love with Joomla about 10 months ago. I'd love to meet on
> > the 23rd. I'm a non-PHP type. I went to a few NY-PHP meetings just to
> > meet Joomla people, but I didn't meet any. Where are we meeting? The
> > Delancy at 6:30?
> >
> >
> Yes, we will be combining the summer party with a meeting to get to meet
> other Joomla users and determine which week of the month we want to meet
> on.
> Right now it looks like any week but the fourth.  My own leaning would
> be the second or third week of the month, only so that there will be at
> least a 3 week gap between the 23rd and the first official stand alone
> meeting.  In fact, I will try to send Hans a message later tonight to
> find out if any of those weeks would be a problem for starting in
> September(I'd like to start ASAP to keep the ball rolling)
> I'd like to have some sort of presentation for the first independent
> meeting, so I'm soliciting feedback now for the types of presentations
> people are interested in.
> I've primarily listed choices for items that I can speak to directly
> since I figure the chances of our getting anyone more experienced at
> speaking and willing to do so for the first month or two to be slim.
> From my own focus, the main idea would be to discuss how/what I did
> related to the topic with an existing website.  As what I've done there
> has covered the gamut of setting up a theme club template, modifying the
> template to accomodate specific needs(generally adding at least 2, if
> not more, module positions to the layout, as well as removing some
> "features" I am not enamored with myself, and making some changes to the
> layout of some of the module positions), installing and configuring a
> number of modules and components, debranding said modules(and setting up
> a credits page), integrating components together(primarily making a
> component aware/use the secrurity settings of a subscription module as
> well as making custom components and integrating them with the original
> components), and creating a component.
> I've found that with Joomla, while all of the above might sound like a
> lot of work, it tends to be a lot less as you only have to deal with
> small, manageable bites at a time - as well as being able to borrow at
> least 75% of my code from existing modules(this does have copyrwrite
> implications)
> I'm not sure how other people feel about theme clubs, my own feeling is
> that while I COULD do the same thing, provided I wanted to spend the
> time doing it(over a week to do for a decent layout).  At the end, I'd
> have a decent Generic template tuned for a specific need.  With an
> established template club, I get at least half a dozen templates for
> different purposes, for minimal cost(there is the issue of picking a
> template club, though.  As there is a great amount of reuse from
> template to template.  I've seen sites with over 50 templates, that when
> I really look at them turn out to be variations on 2 or 3 templates with
> different graphics and color schemes.  I don't want 50 templates, but I
> do want at least 5 unique templates that are generic enough to be used
> on many different sites).    I still end up modifying and changing it
> quite a bit, but time wise it turns a large project into a manageable
> one.  (and to be honest, their ui design skills are better than my own,
> so why not leverage it?)
> I've only dealt with 1 theme club, so how that compares to others I
> don't know.  I do find the community of the theme club has been very
> helpful when it comes to layout and presentation.  Moreso than the
> general Joomla community . I can understand the difference, as a
> programmer, I find layout and presentation to be mindnumbingly boring
> and I have little interest in making minor positioning changes.  What's
> worse, is when someone comes along who is clearly getting paid to do all
> this and than demands free help on a forum.   With the theme club,
> everyone there is doing it commercially so they lack the general
> attitudes you find on GPL focused forums.  And the employees of the club
> itself are amazingly helpful in handling things outside the scope of the
> template itself.
> If I want coding help regarding a component, I ask on a component
> forum/  If I want layout help, I ask on a theme club forum.  If I want
> general coding help, I ask on the Joomla forums and don't get any replies.
> (and keep in mind, when I say help, I don't mean "write my code for
> me".  I mean: I would like integrate this component/extend some
> functionality.  What is the API or function call for the base function I
> should be using/modifying.)
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