[joomla] Is it possible with Joomla?

Gary Mort garyamort at
Tue Dec 13 10:32:01 EST 2011

Your not going to find an extension that does this because it's going to 
be very graphic intensive and highly least that is my 
experience with people who want fancy sites like this.

Yootheme and Rockettheme both have themes where they have accordions and 
other fancy javascript effects that will probably cover 70% of your 
needs.  For example, check out spotlight in yootheme:

That said, your still going to be stuck with having to customize the 
other 30%... so at the end of the day you might want to take a pass on 
this site.

On 12/12/2011 7:14 PM, Helvécio da Silva wrote:
> Actually I am looking for an extension that does that.

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