[joomla] are these hack attempts?

Geoffrey Schaller gjschaller at
Tue Nov 27 09:09:47 EST 2012

It may be a bot-generated attempt to index your site, or something
similar - it costs very little to input names into a script and run
such searches.

That being said, I recently came across this tool for running a
security audit on your own Joomla sites:

The first audit is free, and you can pay either per-audit after that,
or get a subscription (monthly) to run as many as you would like.  It
works by uploading a component to your Joomla site, and the audit site
connects to it and runs checks against your site / server for known
issues (exploitable code, bad / good practices, versions of Joomla,
PHP, etc.).  The service is run by Phil Taylor, whom I have seen in
the Joomla community for a while - I feel the service can be trusted,
and is not a hack / vulnerability itself.


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