[nycphp-talk] nice and easy sendmail interface..

George Herson gherson at
Thu Jun 20 18:23:03 EDT 2002

 From what i know (a few days investigation), qmail is a superior package.  I 
would go with it unless you need functionality that only sendmail has.  qmail 
has been v. solid for me since set up.  Set up wasn't that easy, though.

Qmail's author, Dan Bernstein, or "DJB", has a reputation for great code that is 
not great re: friendliness and documentation, and I think that's true of qmail. 
  There are supposed to be a couple of good, proprietary books on it, however. 
Might also try newsgroup alt.comp.mail.qmail when/if you get stuck.


Ian Forsyth wrote:
> Does any one no of an equivalent to qmailadmin
> ( login with domain of and
> password test) for sendmail?
> Currently I am using which has a bunch of sendmail
> modules, though I do not know much about setting up alias/forwards, and such
> across multiple domains and am looking for a very simple interface that
> would allow me to do so.
> Or if such an interface does not exist/ I would certainly appreciate some
> urls having some getting started with sendmail with multiple domains type
> information..
> Or.. should i just install qmail? is it a superior package?
> Ian.

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