[nycphp-talk] Ready, Set, Google!

John Lacey jlacey at
Wed Aug 6 09:43:54 EDT 2003

Hans Zaunere wrote:

> Good morning,
> Over the last couple of days I've been playing with trying to provide 
> some search capabilities to the mailing lists, noteably Talk.  Day 
> after day valuable information and URLs are passed around and, for the 
> most part, lost into history. 

wow Hans, I was *just* thinking of this the other day in terms of 
"task/problem" type training.  There is a wealth of info in the lists, 
even tho I've been signed up for only a short time, and I wanted to 
bring some of the issues that are brought up to include these types of 
problems in my PHP/MySQL training curriculum.


> I tried a couple of things, not finishing any of them, until I finally 
> took the easy way out.  Warning: These are all very rough :)
> -- scrapes URLs from each NYPHP-Talk 
> message and throws it into a table.  There's of course many 
> improvements that could be made, but it's kind of interesting to see 
> the links people have referred to in the past.  Also, clicking the X 
> will deactive that link (for instance, if you find a 
> or in the listing).
> -- is a full text index of all 
> NYPHP-Talk's mail message.  Yes, it's very rough (I forgot to include 
> the subject of the message in the result listing) but it has potential.
> -- is the easy way out.  It's your basic 
> google search of our entire site, including the mailing list 
> archives.  The only drawback is it's not very current.  The searches 
> are always right on (afterall, it's google) but you'll probably have 
> to wait a few weeks to see things get updated.  That said, I made it 
> the primary means for searching our sites, until we get something 
> better online.
> So I just thought I'd throw these out there and I'm happy to hear any 
> feedback as to what improvements could be made, what 
> features/functionality people would find useful, etc.
> Thanks,
> H
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