ODBC connection crashes mysqld

tom at tom at
Wed Feb 5 13:30:38 EST 2003

I'm having a problem establishing an ODBC connection to a mysql server.  The
database will be up and running, and then as soon as I try to establish the
connection, the database crashes.  In the mysql log, it appears that mysql
may be trying to restart itself, but cannot remove the mysql.sock file.  Why
would it be restarting itself?

Here are the specs:

OS: Redhat 8.0
MySQL server: 3.23.52

OS: win2k
APP: Access 2000

I verified that the permissions for this are set up correctly (I've also
done this before, without issue), and the privileges have been flushed.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?  (Solutions would also be nice!)



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