[nycphp-talk] Need FREE PHP site with mySQL

Christopher R. Merlo cmerlo at
Wed Feb 26 16:49:26 EST 2003

On 2003-02-26 16:35 -0500, Phil Powell <soazine at> wrote:

> OK, this might be a bizarre challenge, but I am in need of a free
> hosting site that allows for PHP and mySQL (or Access or whatever).
> I have been using for my free DB needs for 3 years
> and I absolutely HATE the site!  It is extremely poorly developed as
> far as a hosting service for the free people is concerned (unless
> you want to pay like the obligatory $35/mo), and I honestly do not
> have the budget (as in, no budget) to afford anything that costs.
> What would you suggest I do at this point?

Out here on LI, Cablevision blocks incoming requests on port 80.  But
if your [cable|dsl] provider doesn't, you can always roll your own at
home, which is what I did for a long time until Code Red prompted
Cablevision to shut it down.

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