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Brent Baisley brent at
Wed Mar 26 14:08:18 EST 2003

Framesets are a function of the browser, not the server. The server 
just serves up pages so it doesn't know that one page is related to 
another. When the browser notices a frameset page, it requests other 
pages from the server. So aside from the standard caching mechanisms, 
there is not much you can do.

However, you may try using iframes instead. I like the way iframes work 
far better than framesets. But until recently browsers handled iframes 
differently, so you have to know your audience. Your pages still won't 
load instantly, but your main page with display first.

The only way I can think of displaying everything immediately is to use 
Javascript on the client side to build the pages. All your page code 
would be present in one page and you would use document.write() to 
build the content of your frames.

On Wednesday, March 26, 2003, at 01:13 PM, Christopher Hendry wrote:

> does anyone know if/how I could cache a frameset, so that when the 
> frameset
> displays all of the pages inside it display at once as opposed to one 
> page
> within the frameset loading up at a different pace than the other 
> pages.
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