[nycphp-talk] Why Smarty?

Brian Pang bpang at
Mon May 5 18:13:25 EDT 2003

help me out.. I'm drawing a blank on "MVC"

I probably know what it is and do it,,, just can't figure out the acronym...


> --- "Emmanuel. M. Decarie" <emm at> wrote:
> > why use Smarty?
> ..
> > I'm already using a MVC model to do all my PHP development.
> Smarty's main feature, as I understand it, is to help developers separate
> presentation from logic.
> I think what you will find is that Smarty is less beneficial to
developers who
> are already very organized in terms of the software architecture they use
> (whether you subscribe to the MVC school of thought or not).
> Of course, the same argument can be said for OOP. You can nearly
achieve the
> same level of organization with an intelligent software design.
However, OOP is
> very popular due to the way it encourages or aids in such
organization, and for
> similar reasons, Smarty is also very popular due to the way it can aid in
> separating presentation from logic.
> My guess is that you will find fewer benefits (since you use an MVC model
> already) than someone whose software design can be summarized as
"every page is
> a single PHP script".
> Hope that helps.
> Chris 
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