[nycphp-talk] The Difference Between OutSourcing and OpenSourc ing is More Than a Few Letters

Stephen Musgrave stephen at
Wed Jun 30 11:44:34 EDT 2004

>> this is begging the question:  when does an economic system
>> undermine the
>> needs of the the society it is designed to serve?  (it's a
>> loaded question,
>> too.)
> It probably is viewed as "undermining" when a person's ability to maintain
> their revolving debt and/or the quality of life to which they are accustomed
> is hampered by a lack of wage-bearing work.

hehe.. i feel the cynicism!  ;-)

your illustration points out the inherent conflict of interest between a
society and an individualists perspective.  is fraternity hopeless against
the tide of globalization?

it seems to me that a more tempered market system that measures all factors
in the cost/benefit analysis, not just the GDP, is warranted:

the genuine progress indicator:


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