[nycphp-talk] DTD choice help?

-sry Boston sryboston at
Sun Jun 11 10:01:21 EDT 2006

Umm, John, your reply not only has nothing at all to do with my ACTUAL
question, but it sounds like a spammy sales pitch.

I have *no* intention of leaving GoDaddy, *love* their service, features,
etc. and can't imagine why you'd be pitching me to change hosts other
than you are trying to sell something on a list dedicated to discussing
technical issues...kinda off topic, aren't you? Please stop spamming tech
lists or at least change the subject to "shameless self-promotion" or

Back to the question at hand, I look forward to some insights on DTD
choice when you guys come back to the office Monday.


>-sry Boston |nyphp dev/internal group use| wrote:
> >You know, I've been on this list for what, a couple of years now? 
> >learning (a little) but not much since I still haven't DONE anything! My 
> >obstacle is nuisance factor - I don't own my server, I rent from GoDaddy
> >and therefore, don't have my HOTB and in the end, it has just seemed
> >easier to stick to hand-coded HTML.  *finally* I'm thinking it's going 
> >other way.
> >
>Don't let hosting stop you. I sart people on dreamhost with the L1
>Monthly if they are just getting their feet wet (I give them code
>"tenbucks" to get it for $10). That's $10 to be all set with no
>commitment. For those doing a website from the start, I give out code
>"try92" which is $92 off the prepaid year, which means you get that
>first year for something like $25.
>If you are a developer or coder you are very likely to switch hosts or
>add another hosting account in your first 6 months, so don't sweat the
>start and just get going. You can spend forever picking a webhost (or
>reading about advanced PHP issues - lol) but it's all about jumping in
>and trying.
>-=john andrews

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