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Timothy Boyden tboyden at
Mon Aug 20 11:04:17 EDT 2007

Unfortunately the author "Dynamic Ink" has decided that his code (an
adaptation of a UPS copyrighted API open to registered users) is only
available via a pay for article on PHP | Architect. Obviously this is
his choice to make but goes against the spirit of open help of this

I did purchase the articles in question as I needed the code as a
reference to complete a project at work. The articles are available as a
back copy on the PHP | Architect web site.

I would post my code adaptation, but I am unfamiliar with the legal
implications of doing so. At best it's a gray area as the code doesn't
work without the copyrighted API.

I appreciate the help that I received (even though  had to pay for it)
when I asked the same question, but I would call upon future posters to
post the code examples they reference or refrain from "advertising" on
this list. This was obviously a blatant plug to get PHP | Architect
subscription money that the author most likely received a royalty from,
and this list didn't get any part of that revenue despite that it
enabled any purchases that may have been made as a result of my post or
this post.

I'm guessing others feel as I do about this issue, and I respect anyone
else's opinion who may disagree.

Just my $.02


Tim Boyden

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At 5:51 PM -0400 8/17/07, Dynamic Ink wrote:
>There is a detailed UPS shipping calculator example along with a full 
>explanation in an article that I wrote for PHP Architect:
>The Ultimate PHP 5 Shopping Cart, spanning Aug. and Sept. 2004

I'm having difficulty finding that article -- do you have a link to your


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