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I am sorry that you feel unhappy for having to pay a few dollars for an
article that successfully solved your issue. Considering that you appear to
be employed (at SuperCoups) and the typical hourly PHP wage is well over
$30, if this article saved you 18 minutes of effort seeking a solution then
you have made a fine investment ($8.78/($30/60) = 17.56 minutes).

If a magazine publishes your work it is unethical to then give the article
away for free. You should know that I do not receive royalties; you asked
for assistance with a topic and so I let you know that the solution existed
in the article. In the future if you seek support and then accept the help,
please refrain from then ranting negatively about the means in which it was

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Unfortunately the author "Dynamic Ink" has decided that his code (an
adaptation of a UPS copyrighted API open to registered users) is only
available via a pay for article on PHP | Architect. Obviously this is
his choice to make but goes against the spirit of open help of this

I did purchase the articles in question as I needed the code as a
reference to complete a project at work. The articles are available as a
back copy on the PHP | Architect web site.

I would post my code adaptation, but I am unfamiliar with the legal
implications of doing so. At best it's a gray area as the code doesn't
work without the copyrighted API.

I appreciate the help that I received (even though  had to pay for it)
when I asked the same question, but I would call upon future posters to
post the code examples they reference or refrain from "advertising" on
this list. This was obviously a blatant plug to get PHP | Architect
subscription money that the author most likely received a royalty from,
and this list didn't get any part of that revenue despite that it
enabled any purchases that may have been made as a result of my post or
this post.

I'm guessing others feel as I do about this issue, and I respect anyone
else's opinion who may disagree.

Just my $.02


Tim Boyden

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At 5:51 PM -0400 8/17/07, Dynamic Ink wrote:
>There is a detailed UPS shipping calculator example along with a full
>explanation in an article that I wrote for PHP Architect:
>The Ultimate PHP 5 Shopping Cart, spanning Aug. and Sept. 2004

I'm having difficulty finding that article -- do you have a link to your


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