[nycphp-talk] UPS Shipping Calculator

John Campbell jcampbell1 at
Mon Aug 20 12:23:15 EDT 2007

> I am sorry that you feel unhappy for having to pay a few dollars for an
> article that successfully solved your issue. Considering that you appear to
> be employed (at SuperCoups) and the typical hourly PHP wage is well over
> $30, if this article saved you 18 minutes of effort seeking a solution then
> you have made a fine investment ($8.78/($30/60) = 17.56 minutes).
> If a magazine publishes your work it is unethical to then give the article
> away for free. You should know that I do not receive royalties; you asked
> for assistance with a topic and so I let you know that the solution existed
> in the article. In the future if you seek support and then accept the help,
> please refrain from then ranting negatively about the means in which it was
> given.

That is a troll.  You referenced a solution and didn't bother to
mention that it required a paid subscription.  That is deceptive, no
matter how valuable the article.  Rather than just apologizing for
doing that, you chose to give the rest of us a finance and ethics

-John Campbell

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