[nycphp-talk] [0T] Comcast as ISP -- opinions?

David Mintz david at
Wed Aug 22 14:13:08 EDT 2007

It's clear that the TOS for residential accounts say "no servers, period"
but I think it's ridiculous to tell us we can't even run sshd to move files
to and from our home machines when we're away from home. That's what's nice
about Speakeasy. It's your Internet connection and you can use it as you

On 8/22/07, paul at <paul at> wrote:
> I had a home server for quite a while with comcast.  They never
> blocked any ports on me since you get a dynamic ip address I would
> think that would be hard to do.  I did find myself booted off the
> network about once a month and I would have to reset my router to get
> back on.  With hosting so affordable it didn't make sense to invest
> the time to do it after a while.  To many work arounds to do it and
> then keeping up with security issues.  My server was probed constantly
> for attacks. It was a good learning experience though.
> Paul Guba

David Mintz

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