[nycphp-talk] CAKE Ain't Soup!

Marcin Szkudlarek marcin.szkudlarek at
Mon Jan 8 07:12:53 EST 2007

I think that for every framework you need some time to learn it. After
that time you're able to  get the benefits of using it. I spent few
days learning cake (no problems with installation). Usually when I
didn't understand how particular part works I just looked into the
code.. it's the way I recommend for people struggling with Cake. What
I mean in general is that you'll appreciate the benefits of using Cake
after you'll learn at least at the basic level.



On 08/01/07, Nate Abele <nate at> wrote:
> Some get a kick from cocaine.  I'm sure that if I took even one sniff, it
> would bore me terrifically, too.
> Yet, I get a kick out of you.
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> Subject: [nycphp-talk] CAKE Ain't Soup!
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> In defense of Brian Daley's rant about CAKE and contrary to Nate Abele's
> illness,
> I believe Brian's point are well founded and justified completely.
> As a complete CAKE novice, I knew/know nothing about Cake except the
> misinformation that
> is contained on their home page, i.e *"No Configuration* - Set-up the
> database and watch the magic begin".
> So I decided to check it out to see for myself what all the hype was about
> so
> after wading through a miriad of "give us money" I finally was able to
> download the
> package and attempted to install it on my local Apache Webserver. Give that
> the installation
> instruction are clear as mud, I attempted to install it like any other PHP
> Application
> but when I attempted to run it, I get  a "Your database configuration file
> is  not present."
> and a screenful of junk that tells me nothing about how to install the
> product, except an instruction
> that says, "run the install" but never says what that is. Installation
> instructions, never mind documentation,
> are suppose to be specific, precise and correct. Cake is none of the above.
> Cake may be cake but it is certainly not soup!
> Cake may be indeed a great leap forward but if you can not install it "out
> of the box" no one will ever know.
> I, personally, don't "shop around" for information that isn't where it is
> "suppose" to be. That means that
> Cake only had one shot to impress me, they did, negatively! All the whining
> on the planet won't fix
> an installation process that is fatally flawed.
> regards, mikesz
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