WAS Re: [nycphp-talk] And the HTML guru is.... NOW about Behavor Driven vs test Driven development

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Tue Jan 9 14:26:13 EST 2007

Kenneth Downs |nyphp dev/internal group use| wrote:

>   Shoot, I even offered in the post to pay, and nobody came up with 
> anything.  The scientist in me wonders if it can actually be done.

Nope. Seems pretty clear ;-)

And being a businessman (who often works scientists), I'll raise 
awareness of the sunk cost effect syndrome here, and encourage everyone 
to move along to the next great advance.

On a related topic, I've started looking at behavior-driven development 
(an "advance" from test driven development) and I like the concepts, but 
as usual there is "good coding" and all sorts of other things getting 
labeled as examples of behavior-driven development. It's great that more 
structure moves the new Javascript out of the html and into the CSS, but 
hat is real Bahevaior-Driven development to a PHP developer?

Anyone of you serious development guys able to sumarize where we are 
right now with test vs behavior driven ?

-=john andrews

Note to those who hate it when I REPLY to something with a different 
topic... it's like a conversation. Everyone's talking about the latest 
social flub at the International Curling Tournament, and then someone 
jumps in with a comment about that sexy Italian downhill skier. Yes, 
it's OT but hey, it's was remotely related, and it did stop the 
incessant chat about curling.

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