WAS Re: [nycphp-talk] And the HTML guru is.... NOW about Behavor Driven vs test Driven development

Jeff Knight jeff.knight at
Tue Jan 9 14:52:20 EST 2007

On 1/9/07, inforequest <1j0lkq002 at> wrote:
> Note to those who hate it when I REPLY to something with a different
> topic... it's like a conversation. Everyone's talking about the latest
> social flub at the International Curling Tournament, and then someone
> jumps in with a comment about that sexy Italian downhill skier. Yes,
> it's OT but hey, it's was remotely related, and it did stop the
> incessant chat about curling.

Your replies whether on topic or not, always break gmail's threading.
So for me, at least, they always stand as little islands of whatever
the hell they are anyway.

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