[nycphp-talk] Philosophy of Frameworks (Was: CAKE Ain't Soup!)

Nate Abele nate at
Thu Jan 11 10:40:08 EST 2007

Ah, so you're a support puke, not an actual programmer.  Yeah, that  
explains a thing or two.

Anyway, in an effort to cut this discussion short, I'm going to  
simply suggest that you don't use Cake.  Not now, or at any point in  
the future.  I, as a core dev of the project, am telling you that no  
good can come of it.  And this way, if you continue to spout your  
unasked for, poorly reasoned, and grammatically incorrect opinions,  
the only reasonable conclusion one could reach is that you're a troll  
with a learning disability.

Have a nice day :-)

- Nate

> One this this end user for sure DOES NOT do is waste my valuable  
> time on
> convoluted nonsense like this explanation has provided. With over  
> twenty
> five years of experience in and around Quality Assurance and Customer
> Support I can categorically state that this is YET ANOTHER case of an
> software engineer  who  has not or can not put himself in the end user
> position to experience the real world and does not use or test the
> product that he creates as an end user.

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