[nycphp-talk] Philosophy of Frameworks (Was: CAKE Ain't Soup!)

Brian Dailey support at
Thu Jan 11 10:47:02 EST 2007

I feel bad for writing the email that unleashed all this.

So I donated to the Cake Foundation. ;-) From my own pocket, mind you, 
not my employer's. Cake's been worth it for me.

- Brian

Nate Abele wrote:
> Ah, so you're a support puke, not an actual programmer.  Yeah, that 
> explains a thing or two.
> Anyway, in an effort to cut this discussion short, I'm going to simply 
> suggest that you don't use Cake.  Not now, or at any point in the 
> future.  I, as a core dev of the project, am telling you that no good 
> can come of it.  And this way, if you continue to spout your unasked 
> for, poorly reasoned, and grammatically incorrect opinions, the only 
> reasonable conclusion one could reach is that you're a troll with a 
> learning disability.
> Have a nice day :-)
> - Nate
>> One this this end user for sure DOES NOT do is waste my valuable time on 
>> convoluted nonsense like this explanation has provided. With over twenty 
>> five years of experience in and around Quality Assurance and Customer 
>> Support I can categorically state that this is YET ANOTHER case of an 
>> software engineer  who  has not or can not put himself in the end user  
>> position to experience the real world and does not use or test the 
>> product that he creates as an end user.
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