[nycphp-talk] It's 2007, and we haven't talked about Shopping Carts since last year

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at
Tue Jan 16 11:47:28 EST 2007

Quoting Dell Sala <dell at>:

> re: OSCommerce -- Customizing that software is probably the most  
> unpleasant coding experience I've ever had. I still haven't found a  
> package that supports nearly as many useful features out of the box.  
> But the coding style is so crazy that I just don't trust it. Has  
> anyone used ZenCart? My understanding is that it is a "well  
> maintained" fork of OSC.

I just finished developing the same module for both osCommerce and  
ZenCart, and ZenCart is definitely a step up, but it's still pretty  

It does have a separate templates/ directory at least, as well as a  
couple of useful ways to drop in your own code without having to muck  
with the core code. So installation of a changeset ends up being quite  
a bit easier. If you do end up having to look at the core code,  
though, it's mostly just renamed from osCommerce.


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