[nycphp-talk] Followup: Going weekly rate for php developer/coder in NYC these days?

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Thu Jan 18 12:52:50 EST 2007

Not so,

For the most part, recruiters make the market price higher across the
boards, and they provide services for the lazy interviewer (who could get
the positions theme selves, but always have an excuse for not wanting or
just not looking hard enough) It is not like its Euclidean Geometry or
Recruiters provide a service. And the main goal is to make money, not by
return business, but by reputation. If that means you want or need more
money they will try and get you that. If they think you are priced out, they
will help broker your deal differently to GET YOU THE JOB!!! or at least an
offer, right?

but for the most part, what I have seen is; the true developer never has had
to worry about what the salary was. Especially in NYC. If you re good, you
will get what you want. And if you look, not even that hard, you can find a
job right now...

and the true definition of a headhunter - is to find a good head
(applicant/candidate) and market them because you think they are good and
place able. A recruiter, does just that, provides a service.

On 1/18/07, michael <lists at> wrote:
> On Thu, 18 Jan 2007 12:18:54 -0500
> Scott Mattocks <scott at> wrote:
> > By the way, shouldn't the recruiter be able to answer that question
> > the best? It's their job to get people the best they can.
> Not always.  In realestate; there is a buyer's rep and a seller's rep.
> Each side works for a commission; and if I'm not mistaken is bound by
> an agreement.  One could, of course, work both sides.
> Head hunting has no such bounding.  The head hunter could take either
> side of the transaction without obligation to reveal anything.  They
> could be a "super hero for the workin' man" and negotiate to get the
> recruit the maximum price for their services.. or more likely, they
> will work for the company to get them the most talent for the least
> price.  This will ensure return business; even if they are paid a slice
> of the salary as commission.
> I am of the belief that the head hunter works for themselves, not the
> recruit.  They want to score a match so they get paid.  They may not
> necessarily be in our corner.  They are, after all, hunting heads.
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