[nycphp-talk] Never heard that term: Viet Nam of programming

tedd tedd at
Wed Jan 24 21:27:08 EST 2007

At 3:42 PM -0500 1/24/07, Kenneth Downs wrote:
>tedd wrote:
>>Interesting characterization -- Obviously, it's not Vietnam, but 
>>instead those who served in Vietnam that are the object of that 
>>characterization.  Are Vietnam Vets commonly thought of as "getting 
>>hooked on it and start dreaming big dreams and nothing gets done"? 
>>Just wondering why Vietnam Vets are thought of in such terms.
>No, actually the characterization is generally understood to be 
>aimed at the politicians and policy makers who got into an 
>"unwinnable" situation.   The analogy to ORM is that it is a 
>strategy that cannot achieve its goals because of some fundamental 
>mis-understanding of the reality of the situation.

Ahhh... thanks for the explanation. I agree.

I hope you can understand that the metaphor can be taken more ways that one.



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