[nycphp-talk] PHP hosting and standard tool-chain for newbie?

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A very plausible beginner production style: 

1) Photoshop. 
Design original site in Photoshop.
a) Photoshop has a learning curve, but once mastered sites that start in
Photoshop and use all the great styling and layering tools come out
looking more custom, unique and artistic. Plus, once Photoshop knowledge
is gained, those skills overflow into the ability to handle all digital
imagery manipulation needs both for personal and professional use.
b) Photoshop has Save for Web feature that can be set to a custom output
that includes XHTML, images, divs and layers positioned with CSS.

2) Dreamweaver. 
Handle site updates in Dreamweaver.
a) Dreamweaver has very sophisticated point and click interface,
excellent autocompletion, properties inspector, and code hints. Plus,
one can set up "websites" to catalog assets and have site updating,
where Dreamweaver automatically sends all new changes and needed assets
via FTP up to the actual site.
This site allows you to buy very deeply discounted fully licensed
software as long as you or someone in your family can prove you are in
any kind of school. 
Excellent academic pricing, as far as I have experienced. Go look at
Adobe Suite prices there.
See this site for a ton of free online video tutorials that will be
especially useful to a newbie. 
(You need to look hard for the freebies but they are there.)

For some lowest price web hosting on a shoestring with decent 24 hr.
tech support and plenty of online admin tools that will especially
educate and challenge the novice, you can just try GoDaddy. $4.99 per
mo. gets Linux, MySQL (4 or 5), and PHP (4 or 5), plus a ton of very
popular opensource projects (blog, photo gallery, etc.) that one can
"turn on and install" from the admin interface and then explore those

I know there are plenty of alternatives, but these suggestions will do
in a pinch.

Warmest regards, 
Peter Sawczynec 
Technology Dir.
ps at 

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A young family member has a domain that I used to host until I started
doing real business with credit cards and such at which point I had to
shut her down. So now I'm wondering if I can find somewhere cheap to
host her site where she can mess around with PHP and web design.

What do you recommend for cheap PHP hosting?

Also, what is the standard tool-chain for developing your HTML, PHP,
JavaScript and then uploading it to your site? I use vim, tar and scp
glued together with shell scripts but for her I'm hoping for a really
simple point-n-click experience.

She uses a Macbook.


Michael B Allen
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